latitude wedding band

latitude wedding band


The wedding band goes with all the latitude rings and can be made in any ring size. 

Material: 18ct yellow gold, 4 x 1,5mm

The price is for ring size 54 (European) / N (UK)

Please email for quote in your ring size. 

All pieces are unique and entirely handcrafted in my London workshop, please allow around 14-25 working days for delivery

If you are interested in one or more of a the lines of latitude rings, I would be happy to arrange a meeting in my London studio for you to come and try on different designs and discuss rings sizes and stone preferences.

When ordering a ring with stones it is always good to try the ring before the stones are set. If you are sure about your size and/or not able to come to London, then you are of course welcome to order it online as normal.

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